The Green and the Black – William Meikle – Review

“The Green and the Black is William Meikle at his best, delivering strong, deftly-written prose entwined with a highly imaginative and richly-detailed mythological plot. It digs out the most disturbing elements of local folklore and legend and then uses them as a framework for a powerful, atmospheric and slow-burning piece of horror fiction that is often almost unbearably tense…”


The Lovecraft Squad: Dreaming – Stephen Jones (ed.) – Review

“The Lovecraft Squad: Dreaming is a hugely enjoyable anthology, and Stephen Jones has once again worked his magic as editor to pull together some of the best and most imaginative writers in the horror and cosmic horror genres to deliver original, engaging and chilling tales based around the Human Protection League shared universe…”

Tempest Outpost – Brad Harmer-Barnes – Review

“Taken as a whole, Tempest Outpost is hugely enjoyable, a fast-paced and tense action thriller that features some great writing, memorable characters and some imaginative creatures that are creepy as hell as they hunt their unfortunate prey…”

Trade Yer Coffin for a Gun – Mer Whinery – Review

” When everything is considered together – the brilliant cover art, excellent copy-editing and internal layout, the fantastic writing, plotting and characterisation provided by Whinery – I have no hesitation in calling this one of the best ‘Weird West’ novels that I’ve ever read…”

Burning Sky – Weston Ochse – Review

“Burning Sky is a fantastic novel that I enjoyed every minute of reading – engagingly written, sharply plotted and laced with both cosmic horrors and the entirely human-made horrors of modern war. I firmly believe that it represents the pinnacle of the military horror genre, and will be difficult, if not impossible, to surpass…”