Operation: Siberia – William Meikle – Review

“All in all, Operation: Siberia is another winner from Mr Meikle. It’s a short, sharp and effective piece of writing that once again illustrates his range as a writer…”


Operation: Antarctica – William Meikle – Review

“Operation: Antarctica is another winning title by Mr Meikle, an excellent piece of writing that demonstrates his broad set of skills as an author…”

Andersonville – Edward M. Erdelac – Review

Andersonville is engagingly written, sharply plotted and has  a well-realised cast of characters…this is one of the best horror novels I have ever read, and cannot recommend it highly enough…”

The Statement of Andrew Doran – Matthew Davenport – Review

“…Davenport has written a fantastically pulpy, fists-swinging, guns-blazing, magical lightning-hurling action-adventure that readily proves that not all Mythos tales need to be grim, foreboding and often achingly depressing in order to be successful or authentic…”

The Sea Was A Fair Master – Calvin Demmer – Review

“…an impressive first book from author Calvin Demmer, demonstrating an assured, confident voice and a mastery of the building blocks of good horror fiction, and is yet another striking publication by Unnerving which can only bode well for their future as a publisher…”