The Valley – William Meikle – Review

“…once again both Mr Meikle and his publishers have pulled together a piece of fast-paced, entertaining and imaginative fiction that does credit to both of them…”


Infestation – William Meikle – Review

“Infestation is an excellent piece of writing and a joy to read, skillfully combining the aesthetics of the B-Movie, ‘creature features’ that Mr Meikle cites as an inspiration, while still giving a sufficiently original take on the creatures and their opponents to ensure that the novella rises above the rest of the competition”

Seven Stones – C.E.L. Welsh (ed.) – Review

“…Seven Stones is a fantastic little anthology, full of high-quality post-apocalyptic stories and excellent interior art work, and with a brilliant piece of cover art, and I firmly believe that it is a credit to both the authors, the illustrators and Mr Welsh himself.”