Practitioners – Matt Hayward & Patrick Lacey – Review

“…a hugely impressive and deeply unsettling tale of psychological and body horror that evokes the creepiest and most chilling aspects of the old 1980’s slasher movies, like Nightmare on Elm Street”


The Hematophages- Stephen Kozeniewski- Review

“The Hematophages is – in a single word – iconic. Masterfully written and skilfully encompassing multiple subgenres – psychological horror, body horror, even elements of splatterpunk – it takes everything we fear about the effects of space travel and then blends it together with some genuinely repulsive and entirely memorable monsters…”

Freaky Tales From The Force – Season One – Jonathan Raab (ed.) – Review

“Freaky Tales from the Force – Season One is many things, all of them good. The stories it contain are all weird, surreal, action-packed, horrifying and often deeply insightful; above all it is a hugely enjoyable ride into the complex and rich universe that Jonathan Raab has created for Sherriff Kotto and his domain of Cattaraugus County.”

Green River Blend – Armand Rosamilia – Review

“Like the titular coffee brew itself, Green River Blend is the perfect concoction of supernatural, psychological and body horror, one that draws the reader in and refuses to let them go until they are addicted and don’t want to go anywhere”

Sockhops and Seances – Curated by Nicole Petit – Review

“…editor Nicole Petit has collected together a deftly-curated set of stories that intelligently and skillfully evoke the potent mix of racism, nationalism and cultural, social and political change that scythed through the United States (and other nations) in the 1950s, leading to some fantastic tales that cross multiple genres – from outright Horror to Fantasy and many others…”

Prehistoric: A Dinosaur Anthology Vol. 1 – SJ Larsson (ed.) – Review

“That results in a well-balanced and thoroughly enjoyable anthology that delivers equal parts bullet-riddled creature features and tense, atmospheric thrillers. Well worth the price of purchase, Severed Press have outdone themselves with Prehistoric, and I can only hope that it does well enough that the publisher moves forward with other anthologies.”

The Darkest Battlefield – Paul Edwards et al – Review

“The four stories found within its pages are superbly written and tightly plotted, and filled with psychological, supernatural and often all-too human examples of the horrors to be found in the context of that world-altering conflict…”

Operation: Norway – William Meikle – Review

“Operation: Norway is a surprise in all the best ways, Meikle throwing genre conventions to the wind in order to produce an outstanding action-horror title that takes the reader on a whirlwind journey in a number of different and unexpected directions”