Tormentor – William Meikle – Review

“Tormentor is delicately-paced, atmospheric and wields a hefty and surprising emotional punch throughout its narrative, and should be considered an iconic version of a venerable (and often cliched) Horror fiction scenario; a classic that all future Haunted House titles should be measured against.”

The Last Big Thing – David Moody – Review

“The Last Big Thing is a deeply impressive and highly accomplished set of short story Horror fiction, and firmly cements Moody’s reputation as one of the masters of British Horror writing…”

Terror in 16-Bits – Jonathan Raab (Ed.) – Review

“It’s a deeply enjoyable anthology, with some fantastic cover art, and I’m a Good Person, I Mean Well, and I Deserve Better by J.R. Hamantaschen and The Drunkard’s Dream by Orrin Grey are the two star stories of the anthology; they are both brutal, haunting pieces of horror fiction, both deeply personal in their own ways, even transgressive at times, and these two alone justify purchasing the anthology.”