Gaslight Gothic: Strange Tales of Sherlock Holmes – J.R.Campbell & Charles Prepolec (Eds.) – Review

“…including stories that provide moments of genuine horror, frank interrogations of the nature of gothic fiction and Sherlock Holmes as a character, and some genuinely unnerving endings. If only all Sherlock Holmes anthologies could be of this quality….”


Xinners – Wayne Simmons – Review

“Unabashedly pulpy, deftly written with some impressive world-building, and featuring enough blood, gore, zombies and action scenes to satisfy any reader in the horror or undead genres, I cannot recommend Xinners enough…”

Merkabah Rider: High Planes Drifter – Edward M. Erdelac – Review

“I don’t have any hesitation in calling Merkabah Rider: High Planes Drifter the pinnacle of the Weird West genre, and one that will be hard to surplant. The writing is some of the best I’ve ever come across; the action scenes fast-paced and hugely enjoyable; the characterisation deep and satisfying even for minor characters; and the knowledge of Jewish mysticism, spirituality and folklore deeply ingrained and fascinating to the reader. Encompassed in one of the most luxurious and painstakingly-designed books I’ve ever come across, this title needs and deserves to be read by anyone with an interest in the Weird West, Cosmic Horror or Western genres…”

Andersonville – Edward M. Erdelac – Review

Andersonville is engagingly written, sharply plotted and has  a well-realised cast of characters…this is one of the best horror novels I have ever read, and cannot recommend it highly enough…”

The Statement of Andrew Doran – Matthew Davenport – Review

“…Davenport has written a fantastically pulpy, fists-swinging, guns-blazing, magical lightning-hurling action-adventure that readily proves that not all Mythos tales need to be grim, foreboding and often achingly depressing in order to be successful or authentic…”