Warhammer Horror: The Way Out (Audiobook) – Rachel Harrison & Perdition’s Flame (Audiobook) – Alec Worley – Reviews

“Both The Way Out and Perdition’s Flame are high-quality audio dramas, featuring the same excellent production values and voice cast that all of the latest Black Library audio products feature…”

Gabriel’s Trumpet – Jon Black – Review

“…It features rich, smooth, Jazz-like language that engages and captivates, appealing protagonists and antagonists, and a central mystery that is deeply and often gleefully ambiguous about its central tenets; and not to forget the racially and class-charged atmosphere of America on the cusp of the Great Depression, intertwining supernatural chills with the far more horrifying and very human atrocities and discrimination taking place in the USA at the time. All of this – and far, far more – make Gabriel’s Trumpet a triumph for both Jon Black and 18thWall Productions…”

Dead Sky – Weston Ochse – Review

“… those experiences are the heart of Dead Sky and what makes it such a remarkable and unforgettable novel – one which has built upon its predecessor in every possible way, and therefore done what I thought impossible: surpassed it as the pinnacle of Military Horror. Dead Sky to me is not just a good novel, or a great novel – it is vital reading for anyone who wishes to read or write in the Military Horror genre, or indeed the Horror genre as a whole…”

Dreams of Lake Drukka & Exhumation – Mike Thorn – Review

“Dreams of Lake Drukka & Exhumation is another excellent, high-quality addition to Demain Publishing’s Short Sharp Shocks! imprint, and also a further demonstration that Mr Thorn is a skilled and deeply imaginative Horror writer able to range across sub-genres at will”

Crown of Thorns – Trevor Kennedy – Review

“Well-written, atmospheric and original in both tone and content – there should be more Horror titles set during The Troubles – Crown of Thorns is a tense and often unsettling short story that has a huge amount of potential that’s only been partially realised. If allowed to be further developed, and the supernatural elements of the plot more widely integrated, I firmly believe that Crown of Thorns could be a classic of the genre…”

Farmington Correctional – Sean M. Thompson – Review

“Farmington Correctional is an intense and multi-layered piece of Horror fiction that is most rewarding after multiple readings, and is a must-read for any fan of Weird Horror – or someone wishing for an insight into the brutality of the prison industry.”

A Quiet Apocalypse – Dave Jeffery – Review

“Yet despite its generally grim tone and often challenging content, I cannot think of another piece of post-apocalyptic fiction that I have enjoyed so much, and which has so fundamentally affected me as a reader. Ultimately, A Quiet Apocalypse reminds me of genre classics like The Children of Men and The Road, and I firmly believe that it deserves to be ranked alongside them.”

The Hematophages- Stephen Kozeniewski- Review

“The Hematophages is – in a single word – iconic. Masterfully written and skilfully encompassing multiple subgenres – psychological horror, body horror, even elements of splatterpunk – it takes everything we fear about the effects of space travel and then blends it together with some genuinely repulsive and entirely memorable monsters…”

Freaky Tales From The Force – Season One – Jonathan Raab (ed.) – Review

“Freaky Tales from the Force – Season One is many things, all of them good. The stories it contain are all weird, surreal, action-packed, horrifying and often deeply insightful; above all it is a hugely enjoyable ride into the complex and rich universe that Jonathan Raab has created for Sherriff Kotto and his domain of Cattaraugus County.”

Green River Blend – Armand Rosamilia – Review

“Like the titular coffee brew itself, Green River Blend is the perfect concoction of supernatural, psychological and body horror, one that draws the reader in and refuses to let them go until they are addicted and don’t want to go anywhere”