Fog of War – Brad Harmer-Barnes – Review

“Exhibiting his usual high level of writing skill and innate understanding of how to engage his readers and ensure that they rapidly buy into the scenario that he is depicting, Harmer-Barnes has created another winning title that comes across as a Hammer Horror film that never was, tapping into that vein of quiet, creeping and deeply atmospheric horror that he then escalates into a situation that is downright terrifying for characters and readers alike.”

Letters of Decline: Four Tales of Job Interview Horror – Review

“timately Letters of Decline is a unique blend of weird horror, conspiracy theories and cutting satire of the bland and soulless nature of the corporate mindset that is a must-read for fans of strange, weird and unsettling horror,and for anyone that has worked in even a mid-sized corporate body….”

The Three Scrooges – Jeff Lane – Review

“The Three Scrooges is no less than an epic reworking of Dickens’ A Christmas Carol, and a fascinating idea – to use time-travel as a device for delving deeper into the character, personality and history of one of fiction’s most famous characters, Ebenezer Scrooge….”

Polar Melt – Martin Roy Hill – Review

“Polar Melt is another brilliant accomplishment by Martin Roy Hill, once again demonstrating his undeniable skill as a writer; excellent writing, a highly imaginative and exciting plot, and gripping nautical action sequences all merge together to create a first-rate military action thriller that’s a sure-fire hit”

The Faithful – Matt Hayward – Review

“It’s perhaps the best piece of cult-based Horror writing I’ve ever come across, and most certainly Hayward’s finest work to date; indeed, I’d go so far as to say that with The Faithful Hayward has forged his way to the head of the latest generation of Horror writers, developing a distinctive voice and writing style that I am incredibly eager to see developed in further work…”

Kill for Satan! – Bryan Smith – Review

“Skillfully plotted and written, with some absolutely amazing prose work to be found within its covers, not to mention a deliciously and outrageously over-the-top subversion of the tropes and cliches of ‘Satanic Panic’ conspiracy theories that swept across the United States of America in the 1970s and 1980s, Kill for Satan! is one of the most bizarre, outrageous and, above all, captivating pieces of horror fiction I’ve come across in 2018…”

Iron – Aiki Flinthart – Review

“There’s a fantastically detailed and richly imagined world to be found in Iron, and I’m genuinely amazed at the amount of thought Flinthart has put into it, resulting in consistently high-quality world building that truly brings the novel to life, and surpasses that many other authors that I’ve read over the years. Add to all of that excellent writing and some great action scenes, and you have a superb piece of science-fiction and fantasy fiction by an immensely talented author.”

The Last President – Martin Roy Hill – Review

“The Last President is an excellent piece of speculative fiction yet simultaneously also a warning – a glimpse of a disturbing yet worryingly realistic future that may come about if we aren’t incredibly careful…”

A Deep Horror That Was Very Nearly Awe – J.R. Hamantaschen – Review

“A Deep Horror That Was Very Nearly Awe is, to me, such an atypical collection of weird horror stories. It discomforts, challenges and refuses to mollycoddle the reader, instead unleashing a torrent of brilliantly-written, intensely imaginative stories that are embedded in the vagaries and horrors to be found in the human condition…”

The Lesser Swamp Gods of Lesser Dixie – Jonathan Raab – Review

“The Lesser Swamp-Gods of Little Dixie is a roller-coaster adventure through the Weird South and the grim-dark region of Little Dixie, full of quiet (and loud) occult and cosmic horror, and all drenched in a deeply engaging and authentic atmosphere and an occasional sly sense of humour that peeks through, tongue in cheek. Excellent characterisation, some great action scenes, particularly towards the end of the novella, and some of the best Weird Horror writing I’ve ever encountered in the genre, The Lesser Swamp-Gods of Little Dixie is an amazing achievement by Jonathan Raab…”

The Hillbilly Moonshine Massacre – Jonathan Raab -Review

“Brilliant characterisation, great action scenes, deft development of atmosphere, and a constant, unsettling barrage of horror blended with conspiracy theories and a wickedly sharp, dark sense of humour all blend into one fantastic creation…”