Resisting Madness: Collected Short Fiction – Wesley Southard – Review

“Resisting Madness is a tour-de-force of horror, and I am confident that there are many great, and indeed classic, works of horror fiction yet to come from the pen of Wesley Southard. As such, I would strongly and urgently recommend that readers get in on the ground floor in order to witness his rise to the same heights as iconic horror authors like Keene, Masterton and Lee”

Isha’s Lament (Black Library Novella Series 2: Book 3) – Thomas Parrott – Review

“Isha’s Lament is an assured, confident and action-packed debut title by Parrott, and demonstrates that he has rapidly and deftly mastered the ability to write stories in the Warhammer 40,000 universe…Mr Parrott is now well on my radar as an author, and while I look forward to seeing what he can produce outside of the Warhammer settings, I suspect in regards to Black Library fiction he will soon be mentioned in the same breath as authors like Wraight, Reynolds and Annandale – those who really get the setting and how to write high-quality and memorable tales within it.”

Dream Woods – Patrick Lacey – Review

“Dream Woods is a fantastic horror novel with some surprising depths, incredibly dark moments of psychological and cosmic horror, and incisive thoughts on the role of the theme park as a concept…”