Operation: Syria – William Meikle – Review

“Filled with the series signature blend of sweary Scots, tightly-written action scenes and terrifyingly realistic cryptids, Operation: Syria is another winner for William Meikle and publisher Severed Press…”

The Last Big Thing – David Moody – Review

“The Last Big Thing is a deeply impressive and highly accomplished set of short story Horror fiction, and firmly cements Moody’s reputation as one of the masters of British Horror writing…”

Husk – Rachel Autumn Deering – Review

“Husk is a visceral, insidious, compelling, and above-all superbly-crafted piece of Horror fiction by an author who is on the well on the way to becoming one of the most accomplished in the current generation of Horror writers”

Operation Loch: Ness – William Meikle – Review

“Operation: Loch Ness is yet another coup from the pen of William Meikle, and by far the best entry yet in the series. Some fantastic and pulse-pounding action scenes, atmosphere and tension so thick you could cut it with a knife, and another well-researched and vividly-imagined cryptid beastie all come together to form another classic in the ‘creature feature’ genre”

Cold Dead Hands – Jeff Strand – Review

“Superbly written, well-paced and with some real cutting-edge humour and satire mixed in with slow-burn tension and a bloody finale, Cold Dead Hands is a must-have addition to any horror fan’s collection.”

Fog of War – Brad Harmer-Barnes – Review

“Exhibiting his usual high level of writing skill and innate understanding of how to engage his readers and ensure that they rapidly buy into the scenario that he is depicting, Harmer-Barnes has created another winning title that comes across as a Hammer Horror film that never was, tapping into that vein of quiet, creeping and deeply atmospheric horror that he then escalates into a situation that is downright terrifying for characters and readers alike.”

Letters of Decline: Four Tales of Job Interview Horror – Review

“Ultimately Letters of Decline is a unique blend of weird horror, conspiracy theories and cutting satire of the bland and soulless nature of the corporate mindset that is a must-read for fans of strange, weird and unsettling horror,and for anyone that has worked in even a mid-sized corporate body….”